Hira Tur continues its travel agency activities, which it started in 1991, with its professional staff.

As a result of the success in the Hajj and Umrah organizations that we started in 1993, it has become one of the travel agencies that carry the most passengers from our country to Saudi Arabia.

Our agency continues to provide services for closed groups, with domestic and international tours and dealer organizations.

Our company stepped into hotel management in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia in 2008 with Hira Crystal Hotel.

Again in Mecca, as Hira Catering, since 2009, it has provided and continues to provide catering services to the pilgrims of domestic and foreign travel agencies, especially the Presidency of Religious Affairs.

Our basic principle is to start every new job with a brand new excitement and finish it professionally, without losing our amateur spirit. With the service we will provide, we are aware that the free spaces you will create in your busy working life are important for you and the added value that a perfect organization will provide for your company.

And we; We are always with you with our experience, opportunities, time and excitement.

Member of
HURSAD Hajj and Umrah Travel Agencies Association
TÜRSAB Association of Turkish Travel Agencies
ASTA Association of American Travel Agents
IATA International Air Transport Association is Authorized Ticket Sales Agent


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